The MicroDoctor® therapy unit has been available in the UK since July 2001 and is manufactured and marketed by Microcurrent Devices Ltd. owners of the MicroDoctor® registered Trade Mark.

The hand-held MicroDoctor® therapy unit is based on the success of the Harley Physio 3000 manufactured for the professional medical industry. In 1998 Mr. Kevin Lidlow BSc. MCSP SRP Chartered Physiotherapist to the British Olympic Team used it extensively to treat many of the British Athletes including former world javelin champion Steve Backley.

After extensive research and development and more importantly listening to our clients a decision was made to manufacture an affordable hand-held micro-current unit for everyday use both by professional athletes and consumers, to treat not only tendon and ligament problems but to also include arthritic and back pain.

The MicroDoctor® micro-current technology is not a pain relief unit similar to TENS, which merely blocks the pathway of pain and becomes less effective over time.

The MicroDoctor® acts positively to regenerate damaged tissue.

An incredible fact is that the MicroDoctor® therapy unit in association with a formal rehabilitation regime
has also been used to treat many world-class racehorses with tendon injuries, allowing the horses to get back to racing from eighteen months to six months.

Brian Cox
Managing Director
Microcurrent Devices Ltd.

The MicroDoctor® therapy unit has Medical Directive Device (MDD Notified Body 0120) for use throughout Europe as a medical device whose scientific claims have been independently authenticated.

Microcurrent Devices Ltd. MicroDoctor®

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