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 "The MicroDoctor proved to be of great value in treating connective tissue trauma injuries sustained by professional football players in the premier league."

Chic Wilkinson
 1st Team Physiotherapist, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club 2000 – 2004

 "The MicroDoctor has shown to improve recovery time for Achilles tendonopathy and Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome for RAF recruits undergoing intensive military training."
Chic Wilkinson
 Clinical Manager of the Primary Care Rehabilitation Facility, RAF Honington

 "At 45 I discovered MicroDoctor® and it changed my life," says Lance Bird. He has found that the safe and painless treatment really does significantly reduce the symptoms associated with his condition. "MicroDoctor® may not cure your arthritis, but I believe that using it will help make living with this condition more bearable, and to me that's important so I can carry on living a better life."
Lance Bird  Reader in Osteology and Biomedical Sciences, European School of Osteopathy

   "Dear Brian, "I have been using MicroDoctor® for some time and the results have been spectacular. I have gone from a hip replacement candidate  to a fully functioning person.. Thanks again."
Roger Kent

Roger Kent appeared in a one hour documentary on the Discovery Health Channel showing the benefits of the MicroDoctor® Therapy Unit.


An article in the American Journal of Pain Management 11(2) 62-66, recently published the findings of Health Care Practitioners on a total of 500 patients who used a leading micro-current therapy device. Some of their amazing results are as follows:

Pain was significantly improved by 91%; anxiety was relieved by 93%; depression by 89%; stress was reduced by 93%; insomnia diminished by 79%; headaches reduced by 90%; and muscle tension relieved by 95%.

Additional statistics were also taken from 2,500 peers with marked reviews  indicating significant changes in all cases involving pain from Carpal Tunnel, Fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, Myofacial pain, RSD, TMJ and Arthritis. In each case, 100% had significant improvement and relief from their pain after using a micro-current therapy device.


  A paraplegic patient with a longstanding (eight months) pressure sore on his lower spine that required daily medical/nursing attention.  Following the application of this new treatment the pressure sore was healed in thirty days.  The potential savings can be illustrated as such: The daily cost of care for such a condition requiring regular nursing or medical attention is estimated to be £115.00 day, as an outpatient or £233.00 as an inpatient (Source, National Audit Office at (click me). Therefore for a condition that has been present for this length of time cost in the region of £27,000 - £55,920 per patient. 

The new treatment cost £400.00 for the dressing pack and an estimated £3450 in nursing care to check the progress of the wound, savings thousands of pounds for one case. 

  A diabetic patient with an open wound in his neck as a result of a surgically drained tooth abscess.  Reconstructive surgery was planned for this patient at a cost of £5000, plus a stay in hospital @ £233.00 a day, estimated to be 10 days @ £2330 plus a further 4 to 8 weeks of outpatient care.  The patient used the new treatment dressing for 14 days by which time the wound was closed.  By 21 days, with no extra nursing attention, the wound was completely healed for a cost of £150 for the dressing pack and £805.00 in nursing care, a potential saving of 86%. 

In addition, if patients spend less time in hospital the risk of them acquiring an infection and all the costs that entail would be significantly reduced.  Hospital acquired infections add, on average, an extra 14 days stay in hospital at a cost of £3262 per patient. 

  A diabetic lady with a longstanding (20months) heal ulcer.  This ulcer required regular (every 3 days) debridement and dressing change from nurse at the diabetic clinic.  Over the period that the ulcer has required this attention this would have cost the NHS an estimated £23,000.    

The lady was put on the 14 day treatment schedule which required a daily dressing change at a cost of £1610 (£115 x 14 day) plus £150 for the dressing pack.  By day twenty and 3 more days of nursing attention (£345) the ulcer was healed. Within four weeks and no further attention the lady was able to wear normal shoes again for the first time for nearly two years.

This treatment was undertaken over a year ago and there has been no reoccurrence of the problem.  The lady can wear normal shoes again and the treatment if it had been applied at the beginning of her problem would have has saved the NHS approximately £21,000.

To make the economics simple we believe that even if a patient spend one less day in hospital, at a cost of £233 a day, it would pay for the cost of the dressing, which at first glance seems expensive compared to its rivals in the market.  

However, two points are important to bear in mind, firstly, this is not like any other type of dressing available and secondly, looking at the evidence it would be considerably more than one day saved in hospital bed stay by this remarkable technology - it may be more like weeks, saving millions £'s a year across the health sector.

  An elderly gentleman with longstanding venous ulcers.  These were treated using conventional means and they remained open, weeping and painful for many months.  Below is a letter from the gentleman after being treated using the new technology.

Dear Sirs,

I have had once more three quite large Haematomas, larger than the head of a pin.  I am pleased to say they have again healed through the use of MicroDoctor.  One of them hurt and was really very uncomfortable, (it had actually perforated) but good news at the end of the day.  All that remains now is a small tiny black dot soon to dry out and drop off.

I am very happy to go on T.V. and explain ( should you agree) and to display the problems I have to endure plus my history, no problem.  I will happily volunteer, as I said I owe you one. I am (as a non medic but delighted patient) prepared to sing the praises of the device and to sing the praises of the people behind it, mainly yourself.  It may sound better if someone else blows your trumpet for you, it is hard earned and it is well deserved.

On a final point I would like to help and get involved in this because it has quite radically changed my life and I feel I am one of MicroDoctor's greatest ambassadors. I don't just make it or sell it or promote it.  I don't know if you will ever really appreciate what you have really done for me.  

I look forward to hearing from you and also in the not too distant future maybe meeting you.

Kind regards

  When I first was introduced to the MicroDoctor, I was under the impression that I would not be able to play the piano any longer because of the problems in my thumb joints.  I use the MicroDoctor regularly and it has had a remarkable effect. Dr Chapman-Jones has explained that this is not a cure for my arthritis but it certainly has enabled me to carry on playing to a level where I can perform in concerts.  After many other treatments I am convinced that it is the MicroDoctor that has made the difference.

 Mr John Hursey – Concert Pianist Royal, Academy of Music


Dear Brian
Thank you so much for your help and good service.
I am very grateful to you for reducing the pain of my arthritis.
Yours sincerely
Mrs Chorlton


Just to say I wish to thank you so much for the help given you are a STAR

Dear Customer Care
Thank you for your quick response
. Really appreciate everything you have done.
Kind Regards

Dear Sirs
Many thanks for your fast and efficient service.

Thanks for your great response.

Dear Sirs
Thank you for your excellent service

Thank you for your prompt efficient service
Dr Laxtox

Dear Brian
Thank you for your prompt reply I have arthritis in my foot and find the machine helps to reduce
 both pain and the swelling.

North Gold, ran at Perth on 23rd April,2003, and finished the race despite having sustained a serious injury to his near fore which proved to be a cut across 90% of his suspensory ligament. He was sent immediately to the equine hospital at Edinburgh, and on 27th May transferred to Kent for treatment and rehabilitation. He returned to his trainer on 24th July in such fine condition that it was impossible to detect the injury. He resumed full training almost immediately, and raced again on 7th December. From injury to return to racing took only 7 1/2 months, which is almost beyond belief.  The trainer ‘Mouse’ Morris described the results as amazing and unbelievable and is very keen to send more horses when the time comes.

The vet Ciara Gibney MVBMRCVS of O’Byne & Halley, Co. Tipperary reported that ‘ This was a catastrophic injury and from what I have been told I considered that we would be lucky to get the horse back to Ireland.  On his return I he was completely sound.  I could detect no sign of injury when I scanned him.  I was remarkably impressed.

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