The secret to the restoration of good health is cellular healing. The body’s ability to repair itself quickly and efficiently is crucial to the maintenance of our general well-being. The arrival of MicroDoctor® overcomes many of the previous problems and makes it possible for micro-current therapy to be available to all who need it.

MicroDoctor® is a unique medical device that enhances and accelerates healing by accurately mimicking the body’s own natural repair processes and regaining its ability to heal.

MicroDoctor® is a small, hand-held, battery operated micro-current unit designed for use in both the clinic and in the home at an affordable price. It has four, easy to use, automatic programmes that enable consistent benefits to be gained from the micro-current treatments.

MicroDoctor® in association with a number of U.K. Universities and European Medical Centres, is spearheading the use of micro-current therapy, developing clinical applications in advanced healing and health treatments.

MicroDoctor® has MDD approval in the form of Notified Body No. 0120 for use throughout Europe as a medical device whose scientific claims have been independently authenticated.

Tendon and ligament conditions
Such as: Tennis and Golfers Elbow, Achilles tendon problems, joint sprains and strains.

Muscles sprains and injuries
Such as: backaches, neck pain, overuse and sports injuries.

Swollen and painful joints
Such as: arthritic conditions and frozen shoulder.

Cramp and muscle fatigue
Such as: tired muscles after exercising.

Skin conditions
Such as: ulcers, scarring, bruising and improving the general condition of the skin.

The best results will be obtained when the treatments are used in association with appropriate health and nutritional regimes.


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